David Benjamin

Software Engineer

[email protected]

I am an experienced software engineer seeking a full-time position writing code in Rust or Go. I take pride in writing reliable, performant and maintainable software.

Career Highlights

  • 10+ years experience writing high quality code.
  • 5+ years of experience with Linux as both a desktop and server OS.



1482 total hours
Since 1/27/2022
557 hours
265 hours
110 hours
104 hours
98 hours
58 hours
47 hours
25 hours
22 hours
13 hours

Other Tech Experience

Recent Work Experience

Contract / Self-employed May 2009 Present

  • Original web version of Jumanji Run game for the movie release
  • A distributed kiosk quiz experience for BlackHat conference
  • A talking robot gif generator for the Netflix show Glow
  • Original Hunger Games movie site
  • Wizard of Oz 50th Anniversary site

Little Cinema Digital February 2022 August 2022

  • Researched and wrote RFC for a WebRTC deployment with multiple options and the pros and cons of each.
  • Designed a WebRTC infrastructure based around LiveKit
  • Gave presentation on WebRTC technology to engineering team
  • Constructed UI components within their current application to support the WebRTC infrastructure
  • Wrote AWS CDK to deploy the LiveKit infrastructure along with their current stack
  • Transferred knowledge to team when contract ended

Supergroup November 2019 November 2021

  • Delivered quality code for client projects
  • Built new and maintained current features for Playboy.com
  • Transferred knowledge to new team at Playboy.com via working sessions
  • Built reesesbookclub.com
  • Built tool to search subreddits for keywords and sentiment
  • Redesigned company stack to be easier to deploy and more developer friendly

EsportsOne April 2018 November 2019

  • Rebuilt original computer vision processor, basically converting it from C# and needing to be manually operated through Remote Desktop to a Go codebase with higher performance and much lower resource requirements.
  • Built a UI dashboard to display real-time information from a League of Legends computer vision processor
  • Built a Twitch.tv extension, both ui and backend, to display real-time data about the League of Legends match currently being played on stream

Union + Webster / The Craftsman Agency April 2013 August 2015

  • Lead all tech efforts within organization
  • Collaborated with account managers to refine their ideas into buildable products
  • Wrote code, deployed and maintained nearly all development projects